South Lakes Lodge cleaning service

We specialise in offering a complete lodge cleaning service

South Lakes Lodge cleaning service, serving Kendal, Windermere, Barrow in Furness, Sedbergh Ravenstonedale Lake district. 

A complete exterior wash down. Roof Cleaning A thick covering of moss on the roof means that it is constantly damp which can result in damage to the roof structure especially when it freezes in the winter.
Our roof cleaning service involves scraping away the moss, then treating the surface with hot water at 80 degrees to remove general muck & grime, then we use high pressure steam at 120 degrees to remove any remaining spores of the biofilm.
The roof tiles on lodges are made of aluminium which bend & distort if walked on.

To ensure we don’t contribute to any damage we do all our work off a platform.

Gutter Cleaning to ensure the gutters on your lodge are running free we use a industrial gutter vacuum to remove leaves, moss and debris before we rinse & brush clean.

Deck Cleaning Wooden and Composite decking can be particularly hazardous, slippery and dangerous if it has a covering of algae.

We treat the living biofilm of algae’s, moulds, lichens and bacteria with a range of biodegradable SoftWash solutions, we then remove the dead spores and general grime with 80 degrees hot water at low pressure to ensure we don’t damage the surface. We finish the deep cleaning process with high pressure steam at upto 150 degrees to ensure the deck is clean and safe underfoot.

:Cold water pressure washing will not kill and remove the biofilm infact it merely spreads the living spores around to recolonise in even greater numbers.



Lodge Wall & Window Cleaning the walls of your lodge can become dirty and stained from a biofilm and general weathering.

We use a range of biodegradable solutions, hot water & steam to clean the outside walls, doors, windows & skirt to bring it up to its best.

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