South Lakes Render cleaning service Cumbria

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South Lakes Render cleaning service, serving Kendal, Windermere, Barrow in Furness, Sedbergh Ravenstonedale Lake district. Remove algae and moss from Render. 

Is the render on your property beginning to look dirty & stained?

This is the result of a biofilm contamination. Biofilms form when microorganisms adhere to a surface in a moist environment where the porosity of a surface, its mineral composition, alkalinity and its ability to retain air borne salts creates an environment favourable for them to settle and thrive.

The biofilm consists of algae’s, lichen, mould and bacteria that can rapidly develop and spoil the appearance of exterior walls.

Self coloured renders such as Weber, K-Rend, Silicone & Monocouche are generally considered low maintenance and don’t need painting, however they do need cleaning to keep them looking at their best and help to maintain the breathable & water resistant properties.

At South Lakes SoftWash we specialise in the treatment & removal of algae’s, lichens, moulds, bacteria and biofilm with a combination of water based biodegradable SoftWash solutions, hot water at low pressure and high pressure steam at up to 150 degrees celsius. This process disinfects, sanitises and deep cleans.

We have invested in the very best specialist equipment & materials available to ensure that we provide a top quality service at a very competitive price.

*If you paint directly over these living organisms they soon strike through the paint, which then starts the cycle of green, black or red staining* Call us for a quote on Landline 01539 234121 or Mobile 07396 336535


Once the render surface has been professionally prepared we then apply steam under low pressure to gently remove any dead biofilm spores which remain after the treatment while also lifting away dirt, grime and pollutants.

After the render has been cleaned properly you are left with a surface which is bright, clean, sanitised and fully restored with no damage to the render.

You will be totally satisfied with the amazing results that we can achieve with our render cleaning service on all types of rendered walls, leaving your properties  looking like new.

South Lakes SoftWash are the experts when it comes to render cleaning in  The Lake District, Furness peninsula and throughout Cumbria. Call us for a quote on Landline 01539 234121 or Mobile 07396 336535